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husband 7 years ago
man are they married or what
she does not want to be doing this,, too bad she is hot looker
Steve 6 years ago
So sad...a beautiful woman getting nothing out of it. Just working through the mechanics.
jay 7 years ago
this girls face looks like she is queuing at the bank
hmm 7 years ago
So this looked like "paid sex, but she had no choice or matter/opinion in deciding this"
Just my 2 cent, remove the vid.
brendan peos in full 7 years ago
point for me add the divice igla
Big L 7 years ago
Poor girl he's sooo unbelievable bad lol
Anonymous 7 years ago
name please
POV 7 years ago
I don't think you understand what that means
Okay 7 years ago
Lmaoooo, she looks like shes wondering how she got here
Scorch 2 years ago
She looks so bored ... poor guy